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Save time and money with efficient irrigation.


Is invested into irrigation

The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board (MSPB) is taking big steps toward lessening the amount of irrigation water drawn from the alluvial aquifer. Under its Sustainable Irrigation Project (SIP), MSPB provides practices and tools to reduce the amount of irrigation water applied to the state’s crops. Farmers across Mississippi are becoming more involved, committing to the irrigation-water-conservation effort. You can, too.


By the Numbers


Farmers can save $10 per acre with soil moisture sensors.


Farmers can cut water use by almost half using a combination of Pipe Planner, surge valves and soil-moisture sensors.


At $3 per acre inch, farmers can expect a cost saving of $12 to $14 per acre with Pipe Planner.

The Technologies

Surge Valves

Improve water infiltration. Surge valves put the right amount of water onto the field.

Pipe Planner

Determine the best hole sizes to punch in rollout pipe. Pipe Planner ensures that water applied down different-length furrows reaches the field edge at the same time.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Take guesswork out of scheduling irrigations. Soil moisture sensors allow you to better time your irrigation to crop demand and available soil moisture content or supply rather than setting a schedule and maintaining it throughout the growing season.

The Delta

Needs your help

Irrigation is not new to the South, but the way farmers approach it is. Data show the water level in the Delta’s aquifer is declining. Water conservation could help it replenish itself.

To alleviate pressure on the aquifer, Mississippi farmers are looking to new, more efficient irrigation technologies like Pipe Planner, soil-moisture sensors, surge valves and more. Adopting the MSPB recommended conservation tools and practices can provide a significant contribution to conserving the Delta’s water resources.

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